Global decentralized solution for teaching artificial intelligence systems and their usage
The PreICO round started!
You have unique chance to buy CTMP tokens for really low price!
You can exchange CTMP tokens at the rate of 1 to 2.5. That is, if you invest now, you can multiply them 2.5.
You will enter exchange platforms with a stable exchange rate, supported by the neural network technology computations market.
Invest in the unique project.
Don't miss a chance to buy tokens at a profitable price
PreICO round

Issuing temporary CTMP tokens

Period: from 11 to 31 November 2017
Number of Tokens: 2 000 000
Price of the Token: 0.0002 ETH

To purchase CTMP tokens, send ETH to


The contract address is only available on the project website. Do not send funds to addresses received from any other sources!

Use only the ETH address to which you have access through the private key. Otherwise, you risk not gaining access to the tokens you have acquired!

Compliance with legislation

Token CTMS should not be treated as securities. Given the relevant legislative restrictions, we do not recommend buying CTMS tokens to US citizens.

Questions & answers
Why should I buy CTM tokens?
The value of CTM tokens is determined by the growing market of AI solutions. Our tokens are not just means of funding. This is the currency for payments between miners, developers and business, which needs calculations and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.
Why is your project better than others?
Our project is not better than others - it is unique. To date, there are no solutions like ours. This is not just a commercial project. It is an opportunity to make the world a better place. Solutions based on an artificial intelligence will change all areas of human activity even in this decade. And you have a real opportunity to participate in this process.
Corporations invest billions of dollars in artificial intelligence systems. Why do we need an independent project?
That's why our project is especially important. In addition to cheap computing, we offer a truly free platform for the exchange of solutions and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence in general and artificial neural networks in particular. We will create a community that will not be controlled by corporations, where everyone can not only create their own solution, but also make money on it.
I'm going to buy your tokens. What guarantees will I receive?
All the conditions mentioned on this website are included in the proper smart-contracts. After the ICO conduct, CTM tokens can be freely sold and bought on all major exchanges.
What is the global mission of your project? Do you just want to make money?
No. Our project solves several problems at once. First of all, we create a real ecosystem for miners, motivating them to produce useful calculations instead of simply burning out electricity. Secondly, we are creating an independent market of artificial intelligence solutions.
Can you do it?
Yes! We are confident in our abilities. Our team is able to create a Cryptomind system. If you want to join us, write, and we will answer you.
If you have any further questions, please contact us.
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