Global decentralized solution for teaching artificial intelligence systems and their usage
PreICO starts on
November 11
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We intend to combine two technologies which are going to change the future of mankind
Global Blockchain-based system
Miners' computing powers advantageous application
AI technologies exchange platform
Market for solutions in the field of neural networks for business

What is Cryptomind for?
Artificial intelligence technologies can inhance the life of every person on Earth. There is a number of factors that delaying their development currently? which are: expensive computing power, the lack of a global database of complete solutions and training data training, a shortage of specialists.
Cryptomind was created to solve these problems.
For Miners
We will provide an opportunity to earn, producing actually useful calculations. We want to put a new meaning
in the definition
For AI specialists
An access to reliable and cheap computing power through a decentralized network based on BlockChain.
Access to a data bank that combines the best ready-made solutions and developments.
The opportunity to make money on one's own solutions.
For investors
You acquire tokens, the value of which is provided by the constantly growing market of neural network technologies.
We have not only a promising idea, but also a prototype of an already developed system.
For business
Cheap and reliable AI technology for solving a wide range of problems:
- detection of suspicious transactions in banks and payment systems;
- recommendation mechanisms in online stores and services;
- replacement of call centers with intelligent chat-bots.
April 2017
Development of the idea of a distributed network based on BlockChain
for deep learning systems
September 2017
Development of an early alpha-version of the software
October 2017
Development of smart contracts
Carrying out the Seed round
November 2017 года
PreICO conduct
January 2018
Public beta release
February 2018
ICO conduct
May 2018
Public version release
Development and improvement of the project
Right now the system is going through a closed beta-testing stage.

You can watch a video demonstrating the work of the system
CTM tokens sales

Seed-round is over
PreICO begins on November 11

1st round of investments

Seed round

Issuing temporary CTMS tokens

Period: from 12 to 20 October 2017
Number of Tokens: 100,000
Price of the Token: 0.001 ETH

Seed roud is complete. $ 30,000 collected

2nd round of investments


Issuing temporary CTMP tokens

Period: 11 to 31 November 2017
Number of Tokens: 2 000 000
Price of the Token: 0.0002 ETH

3rd round of investments


Issuing CTM tokens

Period: 1 to 28 February 2018
Number of Tokens: 10 000 000
Price of the Token: 0.005 ETH

CTMP tokens are exchanged on CTM at the rate of 0.1, that is, each 10 CTMS owner receives 1 CTM.

Temporary CTMS tokens issue

After the ICO conduct, the CTM token will be put out on the exchanges: Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitstamp and others.

At each stage, the exchange for these courses is provided for by a smart contract. If the tokens are not bought out during the round, after the end of the round, the funds will be fully returned to investors, except for the commission of the Eherium network.

* In the event of a steep change in the rate of ETH, we retain the right to change the terms of the investment rounds.
Questions & answers
Why should I buy CTM tokens?
The value of CTM tokens is determined by the growing market of AI solutions. Our tokens are not just means of funding. This is the currency for payments between miners, developers and business, which needs calculations and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.
Why is your project better than others?
Our project is not better than others - it is unique. To date, there are no solutions like ours. This is not just a commercial project. It is an opportunity to make the world a better place. Solutions based on an artificial intelligence will change all areas of human activity even in this decade. And you have a real opportunity to participate in this process.
Corporations invest billions of dollars in artificial intelligence systems. Why do we need an independent project?
That's why our project is especially important. In addition to cheap computing, we offer a truly free platform for the exchange of solutions and technologies in the field of artificial intelligence in general and artificial neural networks in particular. We will create a community that will not be controlled by corporations, where everyone can not only create their own solution, but also make money on it.
I'm going to buy your tokens. What guarantees will I receive?
All the conditions mentioned on this website are included in the proper smart-contracts. After the ICO conduct, CTM tokens can be freely sold and bought on all major exchanges
What is the global mission of your project? Do you just want to make money?
No. Our project solves several problems at once. First of all, we create a real ecosystem for miners, motivating them to produce useful calculations instead of simply burning out electricity. Secondly, we are creating an independent market of artificial intelligence solutions.
Can you do it?
Yes! We are confident in our abilities. Our team is able to create a Cryptomind system. If you want to join us, write, and we will answer you.
If you have any further questions, please contact us.
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